Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Quail Gardens

One of my favorite botanical gardens is Quail Gardens in the San Diego area. These are pictures from my last visit there in June.

They have a great children's area that they are working on making larger and even better. Here is a great horse.

Cheech or Chong (Pot Man)

If you enlarge this picture you can see the Wren that has made his nest in the bird house.
Bewick's wren singing away.

Building structure in the Native Plants, Native People exhibit

Lots of flowers. Check them out....

The frog pond is a great place to just sit and watch.
The lily pads in the frog pond

Lots of great pots

Water fall

Cork tree. Wine anyone?
While we were there they were having lots of kid's programs. Here Jessy is potting up a succulent plant to take home.
A great place to visit. Not real formal, just relaxed with lots of different areas. Check out the website for now and when you are in the area make sure you check out the garden.
Quial Botanical Gardens

230 Quail Gardens Drive, Encinitas CA